Friday, August 13, 2010


When you were still using your uniform, struggling with papers and homeworks, annoyed with your teacher, or the other things that make you hated the school, i only could say "smile and enjoy it". And when you say the college is better than school you're totally WRONG.

And here i am, a new-college-girl who miss her moments w her school. Yes I really miss the fun, excitement, hang outs and many things about it. I miss my closest friends, my wonderzxc, I really feel comfortable when I’m with them. With them, I can do anything I want. They’ve been very care to me. We are very different from each other and that's what I love about them. Sometimes we get into fight but that's sometimes. And when we do fight, and end sweetly.
I miss dirt talking with them, I miss listen they weird word, I miss when we're yelling in front of the class, I miss when we're dancing together like crazy, I miss all the things that our did together.

And now it's terrible to think that those people that you became friends with for a long time will end up going in different ways. Now I think about college and the new people I will be meeting and becoming friends with. It's scary to know that your best friends will not be there for you no. And when I say that I mean next to you. Sitting with you in class. Meeting new folks that might not be like your old friends it's kind of scary because you don't know them. But I'm trying.

But that's how life is, it's moving. That's what High School is all about. People leave and some come back, but what I do know is that my best friends will always be there and aren't going any where. Cause I'm not ready to let them go yet.

Due to the fact that your high school mate are the most precious people on earth. They are always there for you and always will be.


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